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Avengers Vs. X-Men wasn’t the best thing Marvel has ever done, it wasn’t the worst either (cough cough One More Day cough) but it was far from the best. At times it was just plain bad, so as you can imagine when AvX Consequences rolled around my expectations were somewhere between low and non-existent. It was after all just Marvel attempting to squeeze every last penny out of the Avengers Vs X-Men event right? Well against all odds turns out AvX Consequences is good, like really good, like really really fucking good, like you should read Avengers Vs X-Men just to get to Consequences.

AVX ConsequencesThe basic premise of AvX Consequences is, as you might think, concerned with the fallout of Avengers Vs X-Men, primarily Cyclops and all the crazy shit that he got up to during his brief stint as a god. Kieron Gillian of course was perhaps the best choice to write this series. He had been writing Uncanny X-Men since Schism last year and wrote some of the best AvX tie in stories, and Consequences really felt like the natural progression of his story from Uncanny, which is something I really wasn’t expecting. However the most surprising thing about this series for me was how Gillian was able to reconcile who these characters and who they are with their actions during AvX, which at times felt like they were only doing something because the story required them to do it as opposed to it being what the character would do in this situation. I also found it rather interesting about Consequences that despite the fact I knew from solicits and previews that Cyclops, Emma and Magneto were going to end up on a new X-Men team, you were never entirely sure how that was going to happen.

One moment really stood for me in the mini-series, not just as being great within the context of this  mini-series or of the AvX event but as being a real high point of Marvel lately. It was basically a conversation between Magneto and Storm in issue 4 that was just one of the best single pieces of writing from any comic I’ve read lately. Essentially it’s Magneto breaking the 4th wall, commenting on how his popularity as a villain led to him becoming a hero, despite the fact he still kills people and does all the same villainy shit that he used to back in the day.

AVX Consequences

Consequences is a 5 issue mini-series which had a weekly release schedule, so the artist changes on each issue, which is… unfortunate. The beginning of the series wasn’t too bad, but issue 5 had such a different style to the other issues in the series that it completely pulls you out of the experience of reading the book. I mean each issues own artistic style works fine by itself, but together they clash. Which is a real shame, if this book had a normal schedule  than it could have been one of the best things from Marvel this year. I’m also still pissed off that the Avengers came out of AvX Consequences completely scott free (pun intended). I’m surprised that Gillian didn’t do something to rectify that, then again maybe he’s trying to tell a story about how history is written by the victors? Or maybe no one at Marvel is allowed to write anything negative about the Avengers since they made them 1.5 Billion dollars last summer compared to the X-Mens measly 353 million the year before.

Where Consequences really shines though is in getting you fucking pumped for reading more X-Men. Gillian has literally turned Cylopes into one of the most badass morally ambigious mo-fo’s in the comics. On top of that we have Brian Michael Bendis (the guy behind the unequivocally awesome Ultimate Comics Spider-Man) taking over the world of X-Men with All-New X-Men launching in November and Uncanny X-Men in January (which I literally can’t fucking wait for). I mean the X-Men are largely fugitives, Charles Xavier is dead, the mutant race is no longer on the brink of extinction (thanks to Cyclops) and the leader of worlds mutant population recently tried to destroy the planet, it’s going to be interesting to see where things go. Plus the X-Men are about to run into their younger naive selves in All-New X-Men, and Cyclops is going on a recruiting drive in Uncanny X-Men and I’m betting it’s going to be pretty fantastic.

AVX Consequences

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