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November, It’s that time of year again where college assignments and work deadlines all seem to pile up before the holiday break, leaving little to no time for our favourite recreational hobbies. Personally the next few weeks for me involve writing long technical reports, web development projects, studying for multiple choice questionnaires, mixing and mastering audio tracks and creating short 3D animations. And while I’m not quite implying that it’s all doom and gloom for the foreseeable future, far from it to be honest, a few things I am certain of. One, I won’t be getting the coveted 8 hours of precious sleep I adore so much. Two, merchants of caffeinated beverages (#1 consumed drug in the world) are about to be perpetually perplexed by the irregular boost in sales I will single handily cause the service industry. No doubt that I will blow through stock quicker than a natural disaster, apologies in advance for the unavoidable inflation. Three, the days of losing multiple hours to YouTube watching old silicon valley videos are over and probably wouldn’t have helped me persuade those in the examinations office to hand me that computer science degree anyway.

If it wasn’t clear and it most likely wasn’t, stupid self indulgent self is stupid, what I’m trying to get clear is that I am way busy for the next bit and therefore won’t have much time to formulate the crummy opinions on *stuff* that I like to impose on all of you. That is if I even get to consume media in any fashion at all. I’ll probably be able to sneak something in although it’s hard to say really. It’s kind of a double edged sword, If I commit to something within a heavy work period like this I generally find It’s harder to enjoy because I feel like I should be working, my thoughts are elsewhere generating a sub-par experience with no fault to the media itself.  On the other hand, if I only concentrate on work, I get melancholy and feel like my overall quality of life is sub-par. Is that Fomo maybe? I don’t know man. Maybe times like these just bring out the most emotionally and mentally unstable version of me or maybe it’s that self indulgent first world citizen thing again.

But anyway there was a point to this piece I swear! *Looks at draft header to figure it out* Ah yes! Add it to the Instant Queue part deux – TV Comedies. So yeah, when I do eventually give in and switch on the TV to escape the mind bending reality that is computer science, I find comedies to be the most life affirming. Something unassuming and light hearted that can made you chuckle even if it’s only for 15-20 minutes can go a long way to taking you out of that slump you worked yourself into.

That being said, I’ve probably wasted enough of your precious heartbeats already. Let’s get to the recommendations shall we.


#1 Arrested Development

Arrested Development is easily one of the best written comedy series I’ve ever seen. It’s exhaustingly funny. The show has gathered a rather massive cult following since its untimely cancellation after only reaching a third season (which itself was shortened to 13 episodes) but I wouldn’t be able to sleep right if I thought I was denying anyone the knowledge of its existence. It’s an instant recommendation, no qualms about it whatsoever. You need to watch this series. I’ve probably seen each episode 4-5 times and I’ve watched all the directors’ commentary. The casting is perfect, the writing is genius and there isn’t a bad episode to be seen. You will grow to love the Bluth family, there is no other option and good news to fans of the series a new season was produced solely for Netflix and will be airing early 2013. “Taste the Happy”, can we just be done with TwentyDoz already?, “C’mon”.


#2 Parks and Recreation

I absolutely adore Parks and Recreation. It’s literally become one of my all time favourite comedy series and a highlight of my week usually. If you’re not tuning in, then you are doing your life a disservice. It stars ex SNL star Amy Poehler who plays the role of the quirky and determined Leslie Knope who works for the Park’s department in Pawnee. Season 1 is wonderful in itself but be patient, the show truly comes into its own near the end of season 2 with the introduction of Rob Lowe and Adam Scott. They really managed to grow an amazing ensemble cast of characters that’s a joy to watch. One aspect of the show I love is its upbeat, positive and warm sense of self it has. Pawnee is a lovely place to spend 20 minutes. You always leave feeling welcomed, encouraged and happier than before.


#3 The League

The League is a show I’ve only recently gotten into. I heard good things but the premise just put me off. Fantasy Football? Yeah that’s not really my bag. At least that’s what I used to tell myself to scroll right past it. How wrong I was. While the show does centre around a fantasy football league, the football is not what’s on showcase here, in fact its incidental if not completely irrelevant. What is on show here is probably my favourite buddy comedy since the early days of “It’s always Sunny In Philadelphia” which has been quite hit and miss lately. The League however has been consistently fantastically funny so far and I’m currently watching the third season. The League’s strong point I think was its ability to nail characters that while get into ridiculous and hilarious situations still remain very relatable. The show almost makes you feel like you’re one of the gang, drinking at the bar ribbing on each other. The show is that asshole friend you made in college whose bonded to you for life, who you’re still consistently trying to convince people is actually really charming and lovable once you get to know them (The Vince Vaughn, Van Wilder type). It’s almost got like a college humour mentality to it. If nothing else it’ll encourage you to get in touch with your old college friends and head out for that beer you always talk about.


#4 Louie

What is there to be said about Louie? I really have no idea! I often wonder if I even like the show. One thing remains constant though and that’s my will to keep on watching. Louie is captivating in a way that I can’t really articulate. There’s nothing else on TV like it, maybe that it itself is huge. I just want to watch Louie, all the time, it’s great. I think.


#5 Portlandia

This offbeat sketch show has been like a gush of fresh air to the comedy TV scene. It seems like it goes out of its way to push boundaries while simultaneously testing the limits of your comfort zone. To its credit though when it’s at its best it’s outrageously funny. Sketches like the lone dog tied up at the restaurant or put a bird on it are enough for me to wholeheartedly recommend the first 6 episode season alone.

Well that’s all I got for ye today folks! If you liked the list or you think you have a recommendation for me, feel free to leave me a comment in the section below! Cheers.

I’m the man with no name, Stuart Gleasure at your service! The first thing people notice about me? Probably my invisibility cloak. Hypothetical owner of dozens of acclaimed honours and awards.

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