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10 Great Comic Book Covers – 04/07/2013

So this time around we got a pretty unreal Earth 2 cover, a brilliant Fearless Defenders homage and the first Guy Gardner cover that I actually love! Among others of course!

Earth 2 #14

I can’t believe James Robinson is leaving this book :( This cover art is fantastic, almost as fantastic as his writing.

Superman Unchained #1

This has been my wallpaper on my Nexus 10 (great for comixology btw)  for weeks now, still not sick of it!

Hawkeye #11

A whole issue from the perspective of Pizza Dog, is there any way I couldn’t include this here?

Fearless Defenders #5

Freakin love this cover! I just love it! The book is pretty solid too, really great art.

The Flash #21

I’m still catching up on this series, just read issue 11 and it is great. This cover blew me away! Can’t wait to find out what happens!

Uncanny X-Men #7

This series has been living up to every expectation I had for it! and now with the upcoming ‘Battle of the atom’ crossover I’m guessing things are only going to get better!

Thunderbolts #11

This is a bit haunting :/ But great.

Red Lanterns #21

I fucking love this cover! I love it!!!!

comic book covers

Red Lanterns used to be terrible… just really bad. This issue with a new creative team however was fucking awesome. Especially if you like Guy Gardner, hell even if you don’t.

And finally… here is a variant cover to Batman Superman #1 by Kenneth ‘Badass’ Rocafort. It’s just the bees knees.

comic book covers

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