Best episodes of Stargate SG1

Best Episodes of Stargate SG1

Remember Stargate SG1? Unfortunately it has slipped from the public consciousness now I think. It was briefly the longest ever running sci-fi show, until crappy Smallville came in and took its crown. It was a fantastic show, mostly anyway. The later seasons meandered a bit and ended up getting a bit too convoluted, but in all fairness they also produced some of the best single episodes of the show. Maybe it’s just the people I hang around with, but Star Wars and Star Trek tend to be brought up in conversation a lot together, and are often compared, but no one ever mentions Stargate, a show which at it’s best is easily the equal of the best sci-fi out there. So here for your convience I have put together a list of the best episodes of Stargate SG1. Go and watch! They’re available on Amazon Prime (Netflix ain’t got it no more )

Best Episodes of Stargate SG1Season 4 episode 6 – Window Of Opportunity

First on the list we have what is widely considered to be one of the best episodes of the show, hell it’s one of the best episodes of any sci-fi show… ever. Window Of Opportunity follows O’Neill and Teal’c as they relive the same day over and over again with some pretty hilarious results. It really is just a perfect science fiction adventure in so many ways, especially if you know the characters but works well even if you don’t.

Season 10  episode 6 – 200

This episode was (as you probably guessed) the 200th episode of the show and is basically a Stargate clip show. You can just tell the writers and the cast had so much fun making this, and it’s even more fun to watch. They poke fun at everything in the show, and even at a lot of the rumours and fan speculation about the future of the series all under the premise of SG1 helping to write a tv show about their adventures so the government has plausible deniability about the Stargate program. It really is excellent.

Season 1  episode 11 – The Torment Of Tantulus

When writing this list I wanted to do my best to include some of SG1’s best one off adventures where they go through the Stargate, some shit goes down, and they come back. The Torment of Tantulus is a perfect example of such an episode. I don’t want to give too much away but it delves into the history of the US military and the Stargate a bit, gives the viewer a great adventure and provides some nice touching moments.

Season 1 episode 15 – Singularity

So I said that The Torment of Tantulus has its touching moments, well this episode will you make fucking cry, I guarantee it. It involves SG1 going to a planet to find a single survivor of a Goa’uld attack, a young girl called Cassandra. I don’t want to give anything away if for whatever reason you haven’t seen it but it’s just great in so many ways.
God damn I love this episode. It was my favourite episode up until I saw ‘The Fifth Race’ (see further down the list) Window of Opportunity and it’s probably a large part of the reason that ‘Jack-Sam Shippers’ are a thing now. Solitudes revolves around Jack and Carter getting trapped on an ice planet after a problem with the Stargate where they try to stave off freezing to death (No! Not like that!). It’s really great and I highly recommend you watch, or rewatch it.

Season 2 episode 15 – The Fifth Race

So Window Of Opportunity is probably the best episode of the show, but it’s actually not my favourite episode of the show. My favourite episode is The Fifth Race. The reason I don’t count this as being the best episode of the show is that there is a lot of back story and build up to the events that occur here, so it can be difficult to just jump right into it. That being said this episode is nothing short of fantastic and introduces some huge changes into the Stargate mythos, all in the space of 45 minutes. Awesome stuff.

Best Episodes of Stargate SG1Season 1 episode 7 – Cold Lazurus

As I’ve already said I wanted to include a few episodes on this list that are just once off adventures, this episode from season 1 is another great example. It really digs into O’Neill’s past, which has a lot more tragedy than you’d think given his sarcastic demeanour.
Yet another episode that makes me “fucking hell SG1 is great”, Grace is an episode about Carter stranded alone aboard a damaged starship with a head injury. You really have to give it up to Amanda Tapping for her performance here, she was never my favourite SG1 character, but you just have to love her after watching this. It must be said though that a lot of this episode delves into her relationships with the various characters of the show, so it’s not exactly one to start out on, or one to watch if you haven’t seen the show in a while.

Season 7 episode 17 & 18 – Heroes Pt 1 & 2

As I mentioned earlier… twice… I tried here to not include any two parters or episodes that have a lot of build up to them, but I just had to throw all of that out the window to include this two part episode. It’s just absolutely brilliant. I won’t give too much away but the episode shows Stargate Command from the perspective of a reporter who has been allowed to document the base. If you like SG1 and haven’t seen this STOP READING THIS AND GO AND WATCH IT! NOW!!!

Best Episodes of Stargate SG1Season 1 episode 8 – The Nox

Another great Stargate SG1 adventure. The Nox follows SG1 searching an alien planet for something that could help them in their war with the Goa’uld, only to come across a race of aliens who could only be described as the ultimate pacifists. It’s well written and really makes you think about the nature of war and good vs evil.

Season 2 episode 3 – Prisoners

An episode I think that is overlooked by a lot of SG1 fans, but always sticks out in my memory, but mostly as the beginning of a plot that seemed to be abandoned by the writers and was quickly wrapped up later on. A bit of a pity since this could have sent the show in a completely different and I think possible much more interesting direction, especially if this plot returned in the later seasons instead of the Ori.

Honourable mentions

  • One False Step
  • Threads
  • Learning Curve
  • Watergate

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