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5 Reasons Marvel Comics Has Rocked 2013 So Far

I was skeptical about this whole Marvel NOW!  thing when it was first announced. Here we are a year later and Marvel has absolutely blown me away with the quality (and the quantity) of the books they’ve been putting out.




Pizza Dog

marvel Hawkeye #11

A whole issue of a comic from the perspective of a crime solving dog that loves pizza? I cannot emphasize enough the awesomeness of Hawkeye. It is completely ridiculous that it worked as well as it did. Pizza dog is the star of Hawkeye #11 for those of you that haven’t read it! Go check it out!


The Superior Spider-Man

marvel Superior Spider-Man #13

I can’t believe that some people aren’t liking this book. I mean I know it’s not Peter Parker… BUT ITS FREAKING GREAT!!! It’s so funny, and entertaining and plot twisty. It’s just such a new thing in superhero comics.

The Illuminati

marvel New Avengers #2


New Avengers was another book that I wasn’t expecting much from that ends up leaving me wanting more month after month. It’s such a different title to pretty much everything else coming from the big two these days. It’s basically just a bunch of men sitting around a table each issue, yet somehow it keeps me on the edge of seat.


Captain Marvel

Marvel Captain Marvel #1

All I can say is about fraking time someone did this book. It was insane that Carol Danvers was still Ms. Marvel in 2012. I mean she is such an prime choice of character to add to a core Avengers line up. The book is great though, and I love the costume.

Too many great X-Men titles to mention!!

Marvel All New X-Men

Okay there isn’t too many to mention, but there are a lot of absolutely outstanding X-Men titles at the moment. Uncanny, All-New WATXM, X-Men, Uncanny X-Force and Ultimate to name but a few. Plus with Battle of the Atom coming up it sounds like we’re going to start seeing some really really interesting things happen in X-Men land.


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